Adjectives that Start with H: Top 70+ Interesting Adjectives Starting with H

Adjectives that Start with H! In this article, you will learn a list of commonly used adjectives that start with ESL infographic and example sentences.

Adjectives that Start with H

List of Adjectives that Start with H

  1. Habitual
  2. Hairy
  3. Half
  4. Hallowed
  5. Halting
  6. Handmade
  7. Handsome
  8. Handy
  9. Hanging
  10. Hapless
  11. Happy
  12. Happy-go-lucky
  13. Hard
  14. Hard-to-find
  15. Harebrained
  16. Harmful
  17. Harmless
  18. Harmonious
  19. Harsh
  20. Hasty
  21. Hateful
  22. Haunting
  23. Heady
  24. Healthy
  25. Heartbreaking
  26. Heartfelt
  27. Hearty
  28. Heavenly
  29. Heavy
  30. Hefty
  31. Hellish
  32. Helpful
  33. Helpless
  34. Hesitant
  35. Hidden
  36. Hideous
  37. High
  38. Highfalutin
  39. High-level
  40. High-pitched
  41. Hilarious
  42. Hissing
  43. Historical
  44. Hoarse
  45. Holistic
  46. Hollow
  47. Homeless
  48. Homely
  49. Honest
  50. Honorable
  51. Honored
  52. Hopeful
  53. Horrible
  54. Horrific
  55. Hospitable
  56. Hot
  57. Huge
  58. Hulking
  59. Humble
  60. Humdrum
  61. Humiliating
  62. Humming
  63. Humongous
  64. Humorous
  65. Hungry
  66. Hurried
  67. Hurt
  68. Hurtful
  69. Hushed
  70. Husky
  71. Hypnotic
  72. Hysterical

Adjectives that Start with H with Examples

Learn the list of adjectives that start with H with example sentences.

  • If bad posture becomes habitual, you risk long-term effects.
  • She’s very hairy for a woman.
  • Shyness made the boy speak in a halting manner.
  • They sell pottery and other handmade goods.
  • The handsome young man excited affection in a girl.
  • A good tool-box is a handy thing to have in the house.
  • Many children are hapless victims of this war.
  • The surest way to be happy is to be busy.
  • He was a big, happy-go-lucky jovial chap, ever smiling and pleasant.
  •  It’s hard to bend an iron bar.
  • Those who place more highly skilled or hard-to-find employees earn more.
  • We should stop factories from producing harmful gases.
  • Those who think this is a harmless recreational drug should wise up.
  • Their harmonious relationship resulted in part from their similar goals.
  • Expulsion from school is a harsh form of punishment.
  • They shouldn’t have made such a hasty decision.
  • hateful person is one that arouses feelings of hatred in you.
  • The carol has a primitive strength and haunting simplicity.
  • The flowers give off a heady scent at night.
  • May you both live a long and healthy life.
  • There is a heartbreaking news report about starving children.
  • The album is a heartfelt cry, redolent of a time before radio and television.
  • He gave his brother a hearty slap on the back to congratulate him.
  • Several villages have been isolated by the heavy snowfall.
  • If he is found guilty he faces a hefty fine.
  • Meantime the hellish tattoo of the heart increased.
  • The worst part is being helpless to change anything.
  • She was hesitant about coming forward with her story.
  • She saw a hideous face at the window and screamed.
  • The structure had keeled over in the high winds.
  • It is a mistake to use highfalutin language when you advertise to uneducated people.
  • No sane person would accept a high-level job there.
  • The equipment sent out a regular high-pitched signal.
  • Of course everyone else thought it was hilarious!
  • You must place these events in their historical context.
  • This principle plays on the holistic nature of systems.
  • They regarded those homeless children with great sympathy.
  • An honest man doesn’t do anything underhand.
  • My father didn’t think acting was an honorable profession.
  • The attendant should make the patient happy and hopeful.
  • One wheel makes a horrible squeaking noise.
  • There were some very horrific injuries amongst them.
  • Her neighbours spoke of her as kindly and hospitable.
  • They had to accustom themselves to the hot weather.
  • He rose from humble beginnings to great wealth.
  • So you don’t think I’m making a humongous mistake?

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Adjectives that Start with H Infographic

Adjectives that Start with H: Top 70+ Interesting Adjectives Starting with HPin

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