Adjectives that Start with J: Top 100 Interesting Adjectives Starting with J

Adjectives that Start with J! In this article, you will learn a list of common adjectives that start with J in English with ESL infographic and example sentences.

Adjectives that Start with J

List of Adjectives that Start with J

  1. Jacksonian
  2. Jacobean
  3. Jaded
  4. Jadish
  5. Jagged
  6. Jaggy
  7. Jain
  8. Jainist
  9. Jake
  10. Jamaican
  11. Jamesian
  12. Jammed
  13. Jam-packed
  14. Jangling
  15. Japanese
  16. Jarring
  17. Jaunty
  18. Javanese
  19. Jawless
  20. Jazzy
  21. Jealous
  22. Jeering
  23. Jeez
  24. Jejune
  25. Jellied
  26. Jellylike
  27. Jerking
  28. Jerkwater
  29. Jerky
  30. Jessant
  31. Jester
  32. Jestful
  33. Jesting
  34. Jesuit
  35. Jesuitic
  36. Jesuitical
  37. Jet
  38. Jetting
  39. Jewelled
  40. Jewish
  41. Jiggish
  42. Jigjog
  43. Jihadi
  44. Jilted
  45. Jingoistic
  46. Jinxed
  47. Jittery
  48. Jobbing
  49. Jobless
  50. Jocose
  51. Jocular
  52. Jocund
  53. Joined
  54. Joint
  55. Jokey
  56. Joking
  57. Jolly
  58. Jolted
  59. Jolting
  60. Jolty
  61. Jordanian
  62. Journalistic
  63. Jovial
  64. Jovian
  65. Jowly
  66. Joyful
  67. Joyless
  68. Joyous
  69. Joysome
  70. Jubilant
  71. Judaic
  72. Judaical
  73. Judgmental
  74. Judicable
  75. Judicial
  76. Judicious
  77. Jugular
  78. Juiceless
  79. Juicy
  80. Julian
  81. Jumbled
  82. Jumbo
  83. Jumentous
  84. Jumpy
  85. Jungian
  86. Jungly
  87. Junior
  88. Junliant
  89. Junoesque
  90. Jural
  91. Jurassic
  92. Juridic
  93. Juridical
  94. Juristic
  95. Just
  96. Justifiable
  97. Justified
  98. Jutting
  99. Juvenile
  100. Juxtaposed

Adjectives that Start with J with Examples

Learn the list of adjectives that start with J with example sentences.

  • The missile had torn a jagged hole in the side of the ship.
  • Drive through pixellating smoke effects and jaggy shadows!
  • 1. After I read about this Jainist suicide, I realized how good it sounds.
  • The place was jam-packed with tourists.
  • Covered with paint and jangling jewellery, a real mess, she was.
  • The city bears the imprint of Japanese investment.
  • There was a jarring note of triumph in his voice.
  • Peter Webster, forty-seven, is a jaunty, jolly fellow.
  • Americans a melodic, jazzy way of producing sounds.
  • Danny could be very jealous and possessive about me.
  • jeering, bottle-throwing crowd chased reporters away.
  • We were surprised by their jejune responses to our problems.
  • It felt like “a wet, jellylike bag of hyperactive worms”.
  • Look, the old man’s limbs are jerking.
  • I grew up in a jerkwater town in the middle of nowhere.
  • She sensed that underneath his jesting ways there ran true feeling.
  • It was the most philosophic and Jesuitical motorman.
  • Where would dangerous jihadi factions in Libya come from?
  • The press continued its jingoistic display.
  • It was probably the tension that made him jittery.
  • She employs a jobbing gardener to keep the garden tidy.
  • I was appalled to hear his jovialjocular style.
  • The summit ended with a joint pledge to limit pollution.
  • Dave was a sweet man, very jokey about everything.
  • I know she is joking because she has a big grin on her face.
  • The train stopped unexpectedly and we were jolted forwards.
  • One jolting tackle and the link was made with the big screen’s violent he-man.
  • Both reporters cut their journalistic teeth on the same provincial newspaper.
  • Michael was in a jovial and optimistic mood.
  • Several different atmospheric constituents can form clouds in the Jovian atmosphere.
  • Strive to make every day joyful and meaningful.
  • Throughout there was a joyless kind of determination never to be proved wrong.
  • You must try not to be so judgmental about people.
  • Bias against women permeates every level of the judicial system.
  • Some dishes would be very bland without the judicious use of spices and other seasonings.
  • Hush! The boss is quite mad. He said he’s going to fire any juiceless player.
  • The birds come searching for juicy worms and grubs.
  • The considerations here are not so much juridical as ethical.
  • Article 2 A labour union shall be a juristic person.
  • The cutbacks are justifiable on the grounds of cost.
  • In my opinion, the decision was wholly justified.
  • The defendant appeared at the juvenile court yesterday.
  • In the exhibition, abstract paintings are juxtaposed with shocking photographs.

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Adjectives that Start with J Infographic

Adjectives that Start with J: Top 100 Interesting Adjectives Starting with JPin

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