Adjectives that Start with W: List of 80 Interesting Adjectives that Start with W

Adjectives that Start with W! This article will show you a list of commonly used adjectives that start with w with example sentences and ESL infographic.

Adjectives that Start with W

List of Adjectives that Start with W

  • Wacky
  • Waggish
  • Waiting
  • Wakeful
  • Wan
  • Wandering
  • Wanting
  • Warlike
  • Warm
  • Warmhearted
  • Warped
  • Wary
  • Wasteful
  • Watchful
  • Waterlogged
  • Watery
  • Wavy
  • Weak
  • Wealthy
  • Weary
  • Webbed
  • Wee
  • Weepy
  • Weighty
  • Weird
  • Welcome
  • Well-documented
  • Well-groomed
  • Well-informed
  • Well-lit
  • Well-made
  • Well-off
  • Well-to-do
  • Well-worn
  • Wet
  • Whimsical
  • Whirlwind
  • Whispered
  • Whispering
  • White
  • Whole
  • Wholesale
  • Whopping
  • Wicked
  • Wide
  • Wide-eyed
  • Wiggly
  • Wild
  • Willing
  • Wilted
  • Winding
  • Windy
  • Winged
  • Wiry
  • Wise
  • Wistful
  • Witty
  • Wobbly
  • Woebegone
  • Woeful
  • Womanly
  • Wonderful
  • Wooden
  • Woozy
  • Wordy
  • Workable
  • Worldly
  • Worn
  • Worried
  • Worrisome
  • Worse
  • Worst
  • Worthless
  • Worthwhile
  • Worthy
  • Wrathful
  • Wretched
  • Writhing
  • Wrong
  • Wry

Adjectives that Start with W with Examples

Learn the list of common adjectives that start with W example sentences.

  • I don’t want to make the novel sound wacky, let alone conspiratorial.
  • The house had been facetiously named by some waggish officer.
  • She had spent many wakeful nights worrying about him.
  • Usually, his cases involved errant husbands and wandering wives.
  • Certain humanity is wanting in big cities.
  • Military planes flew over the country in a warlike action.
  • The room was flooded with warm and golden sunlight.
  • She was a warmhearted, generous old lady.
  • The door must be warped. It won’t close properly.
  • She was wary of getting involved with him.
  • Duties have been reassigned to avoid wasteful duplication of work.
  • We keep a watchful eye on our elderly neighbours.
  • They couldn’t play because the pitch was waterlogged.
  • Martha managed to produce a dim, watery smile.
  • The boxes were decorated with a wavy gold line.
  • Circumstances are the rulers of the weak, instruments of the wise.
  • Jiao Zi looks like a gold coin, implying a wealthy year ahead.
  • Mark lines for webbed feet with the back of a knife.
  • I’ll have a wee drop of cream in my coffee.
  • Those old weepy movies always make me feel blue.
  • The question of his innocence is a weighty matter for this court.
  • It was a weird old house, full of creaks and groans.
  • This is a generous and well-documented enterprise.
  • She’s marrying a well-groomed successful businessman named Paul.
  • The scandal was dug up by a well-informed journalist.
  • Many pensioners are less well-off than they used to be.
  • Brass tarnishes quickly in wet weather.
  • McGrath remembers his offbeat sense of humour, his whimsical side.
  • He got married after a whirlwind romance.
  • white car rocketed out of the school gate.
  • From beginning to end his conduct had been despicable and wicked.
  • At that time, I was still a wide-eyed youngster.
  • The woods are inhabited by many wild animals.
  • Willing to work under pressure with leardership quality.
  • winding lane led down towards the river.
  •  It was so windy that the branches were scraping against the window panes.
  • The winged adult mosquitoes emerge from the pupae.
  • Richard Cory was a little man with wiry hair.
  • He is wise that knows when he’s well enough.
  • Rosalie Naumann contributed her wistful smile.
  • Her music is witty, ironic and allusive.
  • There’s no need to look so woebegone – we can get it fixed.
  • She was looking very woeful, with her eyes red and swollen.
  • The photos brought back some wonderful memories.
  • The film is spoiled by some very wooden acting.
  • The woozy aftermath of surgery can feel equally surreal.
  • This let me believe I am a wordy person.
  • They held this way to be workable.
  • After twenty minutes I started to get worried.
  • But the underlying conditions are still very worrisome.
  • This contract is worthless; you’ve been taken for a ride!
  • It is worthwhile to note that both suffered persecution.
  • The British considered him a worthy adversary.
  • Mike clench his hand with a wrathful spark in his eyes.
  • I was shocked to see their wretched living conditions.
  • Stop blubbering and tell me what’s wrong.

Learn more with adjectives that start with I in English.

Adjectives that Start with W Infographic

Adjectives that Start with W: List of 80 Interesting Adjectives that Start with WPin

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Sophia Britt
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