10 Interesting Idioms with Body Parts in English

Here is a list of common idioms with body parts in English. For each idiom will have its definition to help you understand clearly. Idioms with Body Parts All ears Meaning: Fully listening Keep an eye on Meaning: Take care of, watch in order to protect Joined at the hip Meaning: To be exceptionally close to someone Pat on the back Meaning: Recognition or … Read more

10 FOOD Idioms and Their Meaning You Need to Know!

In this lesson, you will learn 10 interesting food idioms in English. Each idiom will have a definition to help you understand the idiom clearly. Food Idioms and their Meaning Souped up Meaning: Made more powerful or stylish Sell like hot cakes Meaning: Bought by many people Big cheese  Meaning: Very important person (VIP) Cream of the crop Meaning: The best Butter someone up Meaning: Be … Read more

10 Interesting School Idioms in English

Following are 10 interesting school idioms in English you should learn. Each idiom includes a definition for you to understand easily. 10 Idioms about School Bookworm Meaning: Someone who reads a lot  Brainstorm something Meaning: To think of new ideas Skip class Meaning: To not go to school when you should Teacher’s pet Meaning: The teacher’s favourite/ favorite … Read more

10+ Interesting Heart Idioms and Expressions in English

Let’s learn heart idioms and expressions in English. The following English idioms and expressions use the noun ‘heart”. Each idiom or expression will have a definition to help you understand clearly about it. Heart Idioms and Their Meaning Have a heart Meaning: be merciful Have you heart set on something Meaning: to want something very … Read more