Sentence Starters: Definition, Rules and Remarkable Examples

Sentence starters, also known as transition words or phrases, are vital tools for essay writing. They play a key role in formulating an interesting and well-written introduction, providing smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs, and writing a proper conclusion that summarizes the main points covered. Sentence starters are one of the essential tools of a … Read more

Adjectives that Start with A: List of 135+ Adjectives Starting with A in English

Adjectives that Start with A! In this article, you will learn a list of common adjectives that start with A in English with the picture and example sentences. Adjectives that Start with A List of Adjectives that Start with A Aback Abaft Abandoned Abashed Aberrant Abhorrent Abiding Abject Ablaze Able Abnormal Aboard Aboriginal Abortive Abounding … Read more