List of Important Collective Nouns for Birds in English

This lesson provides a list of collective nouns for birds in English. The list gives the word for the bird on the left, and its collective noun on the right.

List of Collective Nouns for Birds

Learn collective nouns for birds in English.

  • Birds of Prey (hawks, falcons): Cast, cauldron, kettle
  • Bobolinks: Chain
  • Buzzards: Wake
  • Cardinals: College, conclave, radiance, vatican
  • Catbirds: Mewing
  • Chickadees: Banditry
  • Chickens: Peep
  • Cormorants: Flight, gulp, sunning, swim
  • Coots: Cover
  • Cowbirds: Corral, herd
  • Cranes: Herd, dance
  • Creepers: Spiral
  • Crossbills: Crookedness, warp
  • Crows: Murder, congress, horde, muster, cauldron
  • Doves: Bevy, cote, flight
  • Ducks: Raft, team, paddling, badling
  • Eagles: Convocation, congregation, aerie
  • Emus: Mob
  • Finches: Charm, trembling
  • Flamingos: Flamboyance, stand
  • Frigatebirds: Fleet, flotilla
  • Game Birds (quail, grouse, ptarmigan): Covey, pack, bevy
  • Geese: Skein, wedge, gaggle, plump
  • Godwits: Omniscience, prayer, pantheon
  • Grosbeaks: Gross
  • Gulls: Colony, squabble, flotilla, scavenging, gullery
  • Herons: Siege, sedge, scattering
  • Hoatzins: Herd
  • Hummingbirds: Charm, glittering, shimmer, tune, bouquet, hover
  • Jays: Band, party, scold, cast
  • Kingbirds: Coronation, court, tyranny
  • Kingfishers: Concentration, clique, rattle
  • Knots: Cluster
  • Lapwings: Deceit
  • Larks: Bevy, exaltation, ascension, happiness
  • Loons: Asylum, cry, water dance
  • Magpies: Tiding
  • Mallards: Sord, flush
  • Nightingales: Watch
  • Owls: Parliament, wisdom, study, bazaar, glaring
  • Parrots: Pandemonium, company, prattle
  • Partridges: Covey
  • Peafowl: Party, ostentation
  • Pelicans: Squadron, pod, scoop
  • Penguins: Colony, huddle, creche, waddle
  • Phalaropes: Swirl, twirl, whirl, whirligig
  • Pheasants: Nye, bevy, bouquet, covey
  • Plovers: Congregation
  • Quail: Drift, flush, rout
  • Ravens: Murder, congress, horde, unkindness
  • Roadrunners: Race, marathon
  • Rooks: Clamour, parliament, building
  • Sapsuckers: Slurp
  • Skimmers: Scoop
  • Snipe: Walk, wisp
  • Sparrows: Host, quarrel, knot, flutter, crew
  • Starlings: Chattering, affliction, murmuration, scourge, constellation
  • Storks: Mustering
  • Swallows: Flight, gulp
  • Swans: Wedge, ballet, lamentation, whiteness, regatta
  • Teals: Spring
  • Terns: Cotillion
  • Turkeys: Rafter, gobble, gang, posse
  • Turtledoves: Pitying
  • Vultures: Committee, venue, volt, wake
  • Warblers: Confusion, wrench, fall
  • Woodcocks: Fall
  • Woodpeckers: Descent, drumming
  • Wrens: Herd, chime

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