List of 40 Important Collocations with GO in English

Following is a list of 40 common collocations with GO in English you should learn to expand your vocabulary.

Common Collocations with GO

List of 40 common collocations with the verb GO

  • go home
  • go downtown
  • go abroad
  • go North
  • go South
  • go party
  • go cinema
  • go bank
  • go a hike
  • go a drink
  • go a coffee
  • go a meal
  • go a rest
  • go a nap
  • go a ride
  • go a drive
  • go a swim
  • go a walk
  • go a run
  • go doctor’s
  • go mountains
  • go beach
  • go lake
  • go port
  • go airport
  • go supermarket
  • go a safari
  • go an adventure
  • go a cruise
  • go a trip
  • go holiday
  • go meeting
  • go conference
  • go gig
  • go concert
  • go Asia
  • go Europe
  • go prison
  • go university
  • go college

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3 years ago

Hi, I’m a college English grammar teacher, and Cambridge Speaking Examiner. At least 60% of these are wrong. You cannot “go a coffee”, “go college”, or “go a nap”. We actually say, “take a nap”. It’s “go for a coffee” or “have a coffee”. It’s “go to college”. You should really check all of your collocations before posting them.

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