List of 40 Important Collocations with TAKE in English!

This lesson includes a list of commonly used collocations with Take in English you should notice.

Collocations with TAKE in English

List of 40 collocations with TAKE

  • take part in something.
  • take time
  • take a look
  • take a bath
  • take a shower
  • take a break
  • take a chance
  • take a picture
  • take a seat
  • take notes
  • take care
  • take a break
  • take class
  • take a rest
  • take a taxi
  • take an exam
  • take care of
  • take your time
  • take a decision
  • take a bite
  • take a bow
  • take advice
  • take a hike
  • take a risk
  • take a survey
  • take the bus
  • take medicine
  • take a trip
  • take part
  • take lessons
  • take my place
  • take a long time
  • take effect
  • take cover
  • take it seriously
  • take a vacation
  • take it apart
  • take heart
  • take a course
  • take a sit

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Marijke Breukel, Imago
Marijke Breukel, Imago
2 years ago

I trying to find an email address or something because I would like to use one of the images on your website in two Dutch schoolbooks. Could you contact me please?

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