List of 35+ Interesting English Idioms Examples & Their Meanings

Idioms Examples! Following is a list of commonly used English idioms with their meaning you should learn to use in your daily life.

List of Idioms Examples & Their Meanings

  • In touch

Meaning: in contact, or in communication

  • Take it easy

Meaning: relax, rest

Meaning: a job, task or other activity that is easy or simple

  • On the ball

Meaning: be alert, active

  • Under the water

Meaning: somewhat ill or gloomy

  • Once in a blue moon

Meaning: very rarely, unusual or very infrequently

  • Be all ears

Meaning: carefully listen, eager

  • Hit the sack

Meaning: go to bed

  • An arm and a leg

Meaning: a lot of money

  • Sit on the fence

Meaning: to delay making a decision

  • Up in the air

Meaning: not yet finished

  • A little bird told me

Meaning: receive the information from a source not to be overtly exposed

  • Go bananas

Meaning: to become extremely angry

  • A penny for your thoughts

Meaning: used to inquire into the thoughts

  • Down in the dumps

Meaning: very sad and without much interest in life

  • A short fuse

Meaning: the personality trait of being quick to anger

  • A stone’s throw

Meaning: a short distance

  • Let your hair down

Meaning: to enjoy yourself and start to relax

  • Bite the bullet

Meaning: force yourself to do something difficult or unpleasant

  • Add insult to injury

Meaning: worsen an unfavorable situation

  • Twist someone’s arm

Meaning: to persuade someone to do something that they do not want to do

  • The best thing since sliced bread

Meaning: a new invention that is likely to improve people’s lives importantly

  • Blow smoke

Meaning: speak with a lack of credibility, sense

  • Have a bone to pick with someone

Meaning: to want to talk to someone about something annoying they have done

  • Far cry from

Meaning: Very different from.

  • Piece of cake

Meaning: A job, task or other activity that is easy or simple.

  • Let the cat out of the bag

Meaning: To share information that was previously concealed

  • Against The Clock

Meaning: Rushed and short on time.

  • Chip on his shoulder

Meaning: Angry today about something that occured in the past.

  • Whole nine yards

Meaning: Everything

  • Not playing with a full deck

Meaning: Someone who lacks intelligence.

  • It’s not rocket

Meaning: science something is not difficult

  • Ring a bell

Meaning: seem familiar

  • Run on fumes

Meaning: operate with few resources

  • Sit tight

Meaning: wait patiently

  • A thumbs up

Meaning: that’s good

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3 years ago

thx! this helped me alot!

3 years ago


Maryna Zeider
Maryna Zeider
2 years ago

Sorry, guys, but It is incorrect in the chart. Once in blue moon does not mean Somewhat ill or gloomy((((

2 years ago
Reply to  Maryna Zeider

I totally agree, and they claim to be teachers 🙄 🤣

Subrata Adhikary
Subrata Adhikary
2 years ago


2 years ago


2 years ago

it is once in a blue moon and it means rarely, or next to never

ur mum
ur mum
1 year ago

sugma balls

1 year ago
Reply to  ur mum

Language, Timothy!

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