10 FOOD Idioms and Their Meaning You Need to Know!

In this lesson, you will learn 10 interesting food idioms in English. Each idiom will have a definition to help you understand the idiom clearly.

Food Idioms and their Meaning

  • Souped up

Meaning: Made more powerful or stylish

  • Sell like hot cakes

Meaning: Bought by many people

  • Big cheese 

Meaning: Very important person (VIP)

  • Cream of the crop

Meaning: The best

  • Butter someone up

Meaning: Be extra nice to someone

  • One smart cookie

Meaning: A very intelligent person

  • Egg someone on

Meaning: Urge someone to do something

  • Hard nut to crack

Meaning: Difficult to understand, often a person

  • Cool as a cucumber

Meaning: Very relaxed

  • Apple of ones eye

Meaning: A person that is adored by someone

Idioms about FOOD | Image

10 FOOD Idioms You Need to KnowPin

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