10+ Interesting Heart Idioms and Expressions in English

Let’s learn heart idioms and expressions in English. The following English idioms and expressions use the noun ‘heart”. Each idiom or expression will have a definition to help you understand clearly about it.

Heart Idioms and Their Meaning

Have a heart

Meaning: be merciful

Have you heart set on something

Meaning: to want something very much

Eat your heart out

Meaning: we say this when we make someone jealous

In a heartbeat

Meaning: very quickly without any hesitation

A heart of stone

Meaning: no feelings

Lose one’s heart to

Meaning: fall in love

Cross my heart

Meaning: tell the truth

Heart and soul

Meaning: completely; entirely

Wears heart on his sleeve

Meaning: always lets feeling be known

Broken heart

Meaning: To lose love

Know by heart

Meaning: Memorize

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10+ Heart Idioms and Expressions in EnglishPin

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5 years ago

Too helpful. Love your study material the way it’s been explained. Great job

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