10+ Heart Idioms and Expressions in English

Let’s learn heart idioms and expressions in English. The following English idioms and expressions use the noun ‘heart”. Each idiom or expression will have a definition to help you understand clearly about it.

Heart Idioms and Their Meaning

Have a heart

Meaning: be merciful

Have you heart set on something

Meaning: to want something very much

Eat your heart out

Meaning: we say this when we make someone jealous

In a heartbeat

Meaning: very quickly without any hesitation

A heart of stone

Meaning: no feelings

Lose one’s heart to

Meaning: fall in love

Cross my heart

Meaning: tell the truth

Heart and soul

Meaning: completely; entirely

Wears heart on his sleeve

Meaning: always lets feeling be known

Broken heart

Meaning: To lose love

Know by heart

Meaning: Memorize

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10+ Heart Idioms and Expressions in English

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