List of Common Number Prefixes in English

Number Prefixes! Following is a list of commonly used number prefixes in English you should notice to master your English skills.

Number Prefixes List

Greek : Mono-

Latin: uni-

Meaning: 1

Examples: monograph, monomial, universe, uniform, unicorn, monotone


Greek : Di-

Latin: bi–; du–

Meaning: 2

Examples: biology, bilingual, binary, bimonthly, binoculars, duo, düet


Greek : Tri-  

Latin: –tri 

Meaning: 3

Examples: tricycle, triad, triathlon, triangle, tripod, triumvirate, triple


Greek : Tetra- 

Latin: quadri–; quart–

Meaning: 4

Examples: tetrameter, quadriplegic, quadrangle, quadruple, quarter


Greek : Penta-

Latin: quin–

Meaning: 5

Examples: pentameter, pentagon, quintet, quintuplet


Greek : Hexa- 

Latin: sext–

Meaning: 6

Examples: hexagon, hexameter, sextuplet, sextet


Greek : Hepta-    

Latin: septem–; septi–

Meaning: 7

Examples: heptagon, heptameter, heptagon, septuagenarian


Greek : Octo-                  

Latin: octa–; oct–

Meaning: 8

Examples: octagon, octogenarian, octopus, octahedron


Greek : Ennea-                                       

Latin: novem– 

Meaning: 9

Examples: novena


Greek : Deca-                  

Latin: deci–; decem–

Meaning: 10

Examples: decade, decagon, decahedron, decimal


Greek : Hemi-                          

Latin: semi- 

Meaning: Half 

Examples: hemisphere, semicircle, semicolon, semifinal, semiannual


Greek : Poly-                          

Latin: multi– 

Meaning: Many               

Examples: polygon, polygamy, polyester, polymer, polynomial


Greek : Hecto-             

Latin: cent–; cente–

Meaning: 100

Examples: cent, centennial, centurion, centenary, cent


Greek : Kilo- 

Latin: milli-­ ; mille-

Meaning: 1000 

Examples: kilogram, kilometer, kilobyte, milligram

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