BUT Synonym: 16 Powerful Synonyms for BUT in English!

BUT Synonym! How often do you use the word BUT? Don’t worry, below is a list of synonyms for BUT you can use instead. BUT Synonym Synonyms are words that are similar, or have a related meaning, to another word. Learn BUT synonym in English. although however except nevertheless on the other hand still though yet … Read more

List of Important Collective Nouns for Birds in English

This lesson provides a list of collective nouns for birds in English. The list gives the word for the bird on the left, and its collective noun on the right. List of Collective Nouns for Birds Learn collective nouns for birds in English. Birds of Prey (hawks, falcons): Cast, cauldron, kettle Bobolinks: Chain Buzzards: Wake Cardinals: College, … Read more

List of TONE Words: 40+ Positive Tone Words to Describe Tone in English

List of TONE Words! In this lesson, you will learn a list of positive tone words to describe the tone of the authors in English. Tone Words List of Tone Words (Positive Tone Words) Interested Humorous Hopeful Sympathetic Self-assured Scholarly Sanguine Romantic Reverent Respectful Relaxed Reassuring Proud Poignant Playful Placid Casual Calm Benevolent Approving Passionate … Read more

Business Words | List of 50+ Important Words Used in Business

Business Words! This page provides some of the most common business vocabulary you should learn to enhance your English vocabulary. Business Words Learn English vocabulary for business. Advantage Advertisement Agenda Authorization Bill Brand Budget Commission Confirmation Costs Customer Debt Decrease Deficit Delivery Disadvantage Distribution Employee Employer Equipment Estimate Experience Facilities Feedback Goal Growth Guarantee Improvement … Read more