List of Adjectives: Learn 100 Useful Adjectives in English

List of Adjectives! Following is a list of 100 common adjectives in English you should notice to broaden your English vocabulary. List of Adjectives Learn adjectives list in English: abrupt acidic (food adjectives) adorable adventurous aggressive agitated alert aloof bored brave bright colossal condescending confused cooperative corny costly courageous cruel despicable determined dilapidated diminutive distressed … Read more

DIRTY Synonyms: 42 Words to Use Instead of DIRTY

The following list includes DIRTY synonyms you can use to broaden your English vocabulary as well as master your English fluency. List of DIRTY Synonyms in English A synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another lexeme (word or phrase) in the same language. Below are 42 synonyms for dirty … Read more

Food Adjectives: 40+ Adjectives for Describing the Taste of Food

Food Adjectives! Following is a list of useful adjectives to describe food in English. They have been chosen especially for ESL Learners. Food Adjectives Common adjectives for describing food you should notice. Acidic Bitter Burnt Buttery Cheesy Citrusy Creamy Eggy Fermented Fiery Fishy Flavorful Fresh Fried Herbal Hot Icy Infused Juicy Lemony Malty Mild Minty … Read more