Common Phrasal Verbs with DO in English

In this lesson, you will learn a list of commonly used phrasal verbs with DO in English. Each phrasal verb includes a definition and you’ll also find an example sentence to help show context for each word.

Common Phrasal Verbs with DO

Learn phrasal verbs with DO with meaning and example sentences

Do down

  • Meaning: criticize someone or something
  • For example: My son, stop doing yourself down.

Do over

  • Meaning: Beat up
  • For example:  Her shop was done over by a Street gang.

Do up

  • Meaning: Fasten, close
  • For example: Do your coat up before you go outside.

Do out

  • Meaning: Decorate something
  • For example:  They’ve had the living room done out in blue.

Do without

  • Meaning: Manage without something one needs
  • For example: She can‘t do without a bicycle.

Do away with

  • Meaning: Abolish
  • For example:  It’s time to do away with the death penalty.

Do over

  • Meaning: Repeat
  • For example:  My friend made many mistakes, so I want to do the report over.

Do in

  • Meaning: Kill someone
  • For example:  He threatened to do my father in if he didn’t pay up by Saturday.

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Common Phrasal Verbs with DO in English

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