Common Phrasal Verbs with DO in English

In this lesson, you will learn a list of commonly used phrasal verbs with DO in English. Each phrasal verb includes a definition and an example sentence to help understand the context for each word.

Common Phrasal Verbs with DO

Learn phrasal verbs with DO with meaning and example sentences

Do down

  • Meaning: criticize someone or something
  • For example: My son, stop doing yourself down.

Do over

  • Meaning: Beat up
  • For example:  Her shop was done over by a Street gang.

Do up

  • Meaning: Fasten, close
  • For example: Do your coat up before you go outside.

Do out

  • Meaning: Decorate something
  • For example:  They’ve had the living room done out in blue.

Do without

  • Meaning: Manage without something one needs
  • For example: She can‘t do without a bicycle.

Do away with

  • Meaning: Abolish
  • For example:  It’s time to do away with the death penalty.

Do over

  • Meaning: Repeat
  • For example:  My friend made many mistakes, so I want to do the report over.

Do in

  • Meaning: Kill someone
  • For example:  He threatened to do my father in if he didn’t pay up by Saturday.

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