Preposition Examples: List of Common Prepositions of Place in English

Preposition examples! Preposition is one part in 8 parts of speech. Following a list of common prepositions of places in English you should learn to master your English grammar.

Preposition Examples

Prepositions of Place – ON

On a bus

On the way

On the left

On the right

On a ship

On a plane

On the train

On a bicycle

On a motorbike

On a horse

On an elephant

On television

On the second floor

Prepositions of Place – AT

At reception

At the side

At the bottom

At the top

At college

At university

At school

At work

At home

At the door

At a concert

At the dinner

Prepositions of Place – IN

In a car

In a taxi

In Park Street

In a row

In the sky

In the newspaper

In a lift

In a boat

In a helicopter

In the bathroom

In Paris

In the World

In the kitchen

Prepositions of Place – UNDER

Under a tree

Under the table

Under the chair

Under you bed

Under a bridge

Under the water

Under the sea

Under the mistletoe

Under the ground

Under mine(my)

Under the flowerpot

Prepositions of Place – BELOW

Below the surface

Below the ceiling

Below the table

Below 0°

Prepositions of Place – OVER


Over my head

Over the floor

Over 18 years old

Prepositions of Place – ABOVE


Above the washbasin

Above the us

Above the dog

Above the car

Above the clouds

Preposition Examples |Infographic

Preposition Examples: List of Common Prepositions of Place in EnglishPin

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cecilia yim lee yan
cecilia yim lee yan
3 years ago

this is good for me to learn this prepositions

Adam haji
Adam haji
2 years ago

Help us each one how to define

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