Prepositional Phrases: List of Prepositional Phrase Examples in English

Prepositional Phrases! Following are important prepositional phrases in English you should learn to broaden your vocabulary

Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional Phrase List – IN

  • in time (prepositions of time AT/IN/ON)
  • in demand
  • in of focus
  • in an uproar
  • in answer to
  • in anticipation of
  • in arrears
  • in danger
  • in debt
  • in decline
  • in defense of
  • in detail
  • in disgrace
  • in disguise
  • in fact
  • in fairness to
  • in favor of
  • in fear of
  • in flames
  • in flower
  • in full
  • in future
  • in gear
  • in general
  • in good condition
  • in good faith
  • in hand
  • in harmony (with)
  • in haste
  • in hiding
  • in high spirits
  • in honor of
  • in horror
  • in ink

Prepositional Phrase List – ON

  • on watch
  • on schedule
  • on the record
  • on the road
  • on oath
  • on pain of
  • on the air
  • on balance
  • on a diet
  • on a journey
  • on a trip
  • on a large scale
  • on a small scale
  • on a pension
  • on a regular basis
  • on a spree
  • on account of
  • on an expedition
  • on an island
  • on approval
  • on average
  • on bail
  • on behalf of
  • on board
  • on business
  • on order
  • on remand
  • on show
  • on strike
  • on suspicion of
  • on the agenda
  • on the brink of
  • on the dot
  • on the edge of

Prepositional Phrase List – AT

  • at high speed
  • at risk
  • at one’s side
  • at a fraction of
  • at the outset
  • at the end
  • at sight
  • at the double
  • at one time
  • at a discount
  • at a distance
  • at a glance
  • at a guess
  • at a loose and
  • at a loss
  • at a low ebb
  • at a price
  • at a rate of
  • at a speed of
  • at a standstill
  • at all costs
  • at all events
  • at issue
  • at large
  • at least
  • at length
  • at liberty
  • at most
  • at night
  • at noon
  • at one’s leisure
  • at one’s request
  • at peace
  • at war

Prepositional Phrase List – BY

  • by law
  • by nature
  • by far
  • by design
  • by chance
  • by the name of
  • by luck
  • by accident
  • by air
  • by sea
  • by land
  • by all accounts
  • by all means
  • by any standard
  • by appointment
  • by birth
  • by check
  • by coincidence
  • by courtesy of
  • by definition
  • by degrees
  • by design
  • by dint of
  • by far
  • by force
  • by hand
  • by heart
  • by law
  • by marriage
  • by means of
  • by mistake
  • by my watch
  • by nature
  • by no means
  • by request
  • by rights
  • by sight

Prepositional Phrase Examples | Infographic

Prepositional Phrases: List of Prepositional Phrase Examples in EnglishPin

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2 years ago

What is the meaning of in of focus?
And some examples.please?

1 year ago
Reply to  Melissa


Rodolfo Jofre
Rodolfo Jofre
1 year ago
Reply to  Melissa

Hi Melissa:
According to Merriam-Webster Thesaurus ( ) “of” means “having to do with”
“Of focus” in an example: “Having to do with focus”

1 year ago

I want to improve my language

1 year ago

I really like this list. I’m Hispanic and some of the terms we used DIDNT mean anything. It was us and how we are or maybe were. The funniest one is (think Hispanic sound but born and raised in US) so one is Let’s get down from the car! Never thought about for years until some friends were laughing so much. They mocked me Let’s get down from the car, what is that? Still not realizing I say to them what do you mean? We’re getting down from the car. Laughing at me and it’s not getting down from the… Read more »

Miriam Mungaila
Miriam Mungaila
11 months ago

This is really helpful staff. Thanks

Pascar Mavundla
Pascar Mavundla
10 months ago

Very educational and helpful if only learners can take their time and check it out. I’m happy and a big follower of Pinterest English tutors

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