Sentence Starters: Definition, Rules and Remarkable Examples

Sentence starters, also known as transition words or phrases, are vital tools for essay writing. They play a key role in formulating an interesting and well-written introduction, providing smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs, and writing a proper conclusion that summarizes the main points covered. Sentence starters are one of the essential tools of a skilled writer.

What Are Sentence Starters and Why Are They So Important?

The main function of sentence starters is to tie together words, sentences, and paragraphs in an essay so that the writing flows logically. The sentence starters will help the readers comprehend the content more easily and absorb the meaning. The writing will be well-organized and cohesive.

Reading an essay containing well-placed and thoughtful sentence starters will be much easier, more interesting, and far less tedious. Most readers will be comfortable reading the material and will understand the writer’s intent. Students who use sentence starters expertly can expect to receive higher grades on their essays and exams.

What Are Some Examples of Sentence Starters?

Sentence Starters for Introductions

  • This essay discusses…
  • The definition of…
  • In my opinion…
  • A popular subject of debate lately has been…
  • Until now, I believed…, then I found out that…
  • Most people assume that…
  • The most recent data suggests that…
  • A popular topic for discussion recently has been…
  • Recent headlines have shown…

Sentence Starters for Transitioning Between Sentences and Paragraphs

  • In contrast,
  • Moreover,
  • Furthermore,
  • Similarly,
  • In addition,
  • On the other hand,
  • Consequently,
  • As a result,
  • Additionally,
  • In contrast,
  • While,
  • Although,
  • Even though,
  • Still,

Examples of Sentence Starters Used in Sentences

In contrast, Representative Smith supported the new bill enthusiastically.

Moreover, data from a follow-up study found an even better outcome for patients who used this treatment.

Furthermore, other researchers had similar promising results.

Similarly, Dr. John Blake, Professor of Political Science at Stanford University, agreed with Dr. Johnson’s findings.

While the news was positive, experts were cautious about becoming overly optimistic at this point.

On the other hand, the lead engineer, Edward Boswell, disagreed with the proposed remodeling plans.

Although Rachel Turner was against the tentative schedule, she compromised with the rest of the committee.

Whereas Fairfield amended its town ordinance, Weston decided to postpone the action indefinitely.

Sentence Starters for Conclusions

  • In summary,
  • In closing,
  • To sum up,
  • Ultimately,
  • In the final analysis,
  • In essence,
  • All in all,

Examples of Sentence Starters in Conclusions

  • In summary, this analysis shows promising possibilities for new treatments and better outcomes.
  • In closing, there are substantive arguments on both sides of the issue. However, I believe that passing this legislation would be the best course of action.
  • To sum up, there needs to be more extensive research on these proposals in order to make a sound decision.
  • Ultimately, the voters will decide whether the downtown transformation is in the best interests of the city.
  • In the final analysis, I believe that Morgan’s proposal is the most promising.
  • In essence, Dr. Jackson is advocating for increased spending now which will compromise the town’s future goals.
  • All in all, it seems that the proponents of the project have more evidence than does the opposition.

Sentence Starters | Infographic

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